CABG Membership

The CABG is open to three levels of membership:

  • Corporate Membership,
  • Individual Membership and
  • Associate Membership.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to Bulgarian companies established or looking to establish or having partners in Canada, Canadian companies established or looking to establish or having partners in Bulgaria, and companies which either have Bulgarian shareholders/senior management.

Corporate membership has three sub-levels, depending on the desired involvement.

  • Platinum Corporate Member – The platinum corporate annual membership is CA$ 3500, and there is only one available.
  • Gold Corporate Member – With capacity of three Gold Corporate Members, this level of annual membership is CA$ 2000.
  • Silver Corporate Member – With unlimited capacity, the Silver Corporate annual membership is CA$ 1000.

Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada who are senior members and/or professionals of either Canadian or non-Canadian entities and are of Bulgarian decent.

The cost of the annual membership is CA$ 350.

Associate membership

Associate membership is for individuals or companies who do not qualify for any of the first two levels of membership. In all such cases, however, the application must be accompanied by a written request from the concerned individual or company requesting the Executive Committee to consider its application for Associate Membership.

The cost of the annual membership is CA$ 300.

Honorary membership

For an outstanding contribution to the development of Canadian-Bulgarian relations, the CABG executive committee can designate one individual or company as an honorary member.

CABG Sponsorship

Corporate members may sponsor trade missions, business forums and / or other events organized by the Council. Each sponsored event will be accompanied by an advertising campaign featuring the Sponsor.

Platinum Member

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